Sometimes "awww" is the only reaction you can have.
  1. A sloth that fell asleep while eating
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  2. A Garfield-like cat (my parents')
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  3. This little meower (my cat)
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  4. A mother duck and her ducklings at Disneyland
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  5. A sleepy fox
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  6. A chubby lizard named Sweet Cheeks
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  7. Sunbathing seals at La Jolla Cove
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  8. This different mother duck and her ducklings near my job
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  9. The feral cat that waits for me on the stoop of my apartment building
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  10. My friend's cross-eyed cat
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  11. This sleepyhead (yup, my cat again)
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  12. Basically any/all animals, especially cats, and/or baby animals, and/or sleeping animals. I absolutely lose my awwwwws if I see a sleeping kitten.