1. Lilo and Stitch
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    A scientific experiment/alien/criminal escapes from jail, goes to Hawaii, hangs out with a lovable weirdo kid. They surf, destroy stuff, and rock out to Elvis. Why it's great: 1) Lilo is relatable for all weirdo kids (even grown up ones) 2) happily ever after isn't centered around a princess finding/being found by a prince 3) the characters have real-life, tough issues they're dealing with (social services might remove Lilo from her sister), 4) The setting is somewhere I can visit 5) the music
  2. Mulan
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    When war breaks out a young woman being auctioned off to male suitors runs off, dresses like a dude, and defeats the invading peoples basically single-handedly. Reasons I love it: 1) butt-kicking female protagonist, 2) a talking dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy, 3) sexy dude soldier comes to take Mulan out to a nice dinner after she's saved all of China: they don't get married by the end, but it seems like they'll have a nice relationship based on friendship and affection
  3. The Aristocats
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    Fancy mom cat and her three kittens get kidnapped, and have to find their way back to their fancy home. A tough street cat helps them get back home and bonds with the MILF cat, and the little ones too. Love it because: 1) anthropomorphized cats 2) Dude cat's name and song about that name: Abraham deLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley. How did a street cat get such a snazzy name? 3) Jazz musician cats! 4) Duchess and Thomas O'Malley love story (I'm convinced this is the reason I love bad boys)
  4. Aladdin
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    Princess Jasmine is in need of a hubby because she's reached that age, Aladdin needs to not live on the street, through magic and trickery they fall in love and fly off on a magic carpet into happily ever after. Reasons I like it: 1) The Genie voiced by Robin Williams, 2) Abu - a monkey wearing a little fez and vest: come on! 3) The Magic Carpet Ride song 4) Iago voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. This movie has the best supporting characters! Even the magic carpet is awesome!
  5. Winnie the Pooh
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    Such a loveable, easy going character. No romance. Just a lot of friends dealing with some very innocent problems. Perhaps my favorite thing about Winnie the Pooh, though, is the acceptance of Eeyore's character. Although he clearly has depression, his friends are always there for him and are down to hang no matter what.
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