Inspired by @RachelP and all you other lovely Beta Listers
  1. I will miss this special little safe space of the social media-sphere
    It's been such a positive environment for expression. And funny. And really just delightful.
  2. But I'm excited for this to go public and to see what other funny, lovely people add to the community
    I know some douches will probably creep on here too, but I'm optimistic that they won't last long/be too douchey
  3. I've opted to delete just one list
    And only because it was about a family member whose feelings I feel like would be hurt by so many personal things being laid out for the world to view (even though very few people would probably actually look at it). Plus it was personal, and private, and had a lot of feelings on it that I'm not ready to share with just anyone yet.
  4. Love you, Betas. See you on the Public List App tomorrow 😙