Characters Met at a Dive Bar in Hollywood Last Night

This is why I don't go out on the weekend.
  1. Hector the Uber Driver
    He didn't say a thing for the entire 20 minute drive then when he pulled up to the bar he turned to me and my friend and said, "This place? Watch your drinks. Be safe" HECTOR, DO YOU KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T?!?!?! Strong start to the night.
  2. Dude with the Nondescript Trucker Hat
    We were standing behind him at the bar waiting to order drinks when he turned and said, "go over there" whhhaaaatttt? Then he all but pushed my friend towards the open spot on the other side of the bar while saying "I'm trying to help you, get over there and order"
  3. Ass-Punch Bro in the Striped Shirt
    Sometimes in a crowded bar people knock into each other. Usually they just say sorry. This bro accidentally(?) brushed my side then insisted that he had punched my ass. And kept wanting to talk about punching my ass even when my back was literally turned to him. Later when ordering drink #2 he slid up next to my friend and asked us to dance with him.
  4. 3D Printer Loner
    We were standing outside and this guy came up, super apologetic about interrupting our convo and then saying how his friends had left and he was just finishing his cigarette and wanted to chat. He was fine until he started talking about his 3D printer and every other sentence started with, "I don't know if you know what that is, but" then condescendingly over explaining things like the blue shell in Mario kart, and Etsy. Then he asked us to dance.