If you're one, you get it.
  1. Cats > People
    Who would you rather hang with, your cat(s) or friend(s)?
  2. Meet another cat lady = immediate bond
    It's like love at first sight
  3. Feeling a deep hatred for a person when they tell you "I don't like cats"
    How is that even possible?!?!
  4. Cat comics are the best comics.
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    So. Damn. Relatable. So. Damn. Funny.
  5. Cat photo shoots happen on the regular.
    Just me, my cat, and my phone: photos all day long! Oh look she moved slightly, gotta capture that!
  6. Cat knick-knacks: looking at all of them, maybe buying a few...
    It's *almost* a trap. Go into a store see some useless little cat things: might end up leaving with a few. *Probably* will. Okay, I only spent $10, it's fine.
  7. Given the opportunity, a cat anecdote will be told.
    Talk about your baby, going to talk about my cat. Got drunk last night? My cat puked too! You like weed? My cat likes catnip! Your boyfriend takes up most of the bed, so does my cat! Jerks!
  8. Sending cat photos to friends, no context given
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    And none necessary!
  9. Cats are jerks, but they're so damn lovable!
    Knocking shit down, terrorizing you in the night, puking in your shoe: what a lil mischievous fluff ball! *swoon*
  10. Meowing
    Meow meow meow - sometimes used as a substitute for blah blah blah
  11. Sending cat face emojis rather than non-cat face emojis
    😸😹😺😻😼😽😾😿🙀 why wouldn't you use these?! They're so much better than these: 😄😂😃😍😏😚😠😢😱