I'm having so much gifting anxiety right now, @ChrisK, so so much!
  1. I sent the gift last week
  2. And I checked the tracking number
    71ed5df4 de96 4867 a326 28e58fe9dce7
  3. It says it was delivered!
    56821506 ebe8 4a0e 8808 e1fc2265785e
  4. It says it was delivered on Monday!
    D242aaef 8feb 436c 8978 00b07088a1a0
  5. But she (spoiler, it's a woman) hasn't listed about it yet
  6. Did I send it to the wrong address?
  7. Did she already leave for the holidays?
  8. Is she just really patient and actually waiting til the 25th?!
  9. Is she okay?
  10. Is she just really busy with other life stuff?
  11. Did she get it and hate it?
  12. Am I a terrible Secret Santa?!
  13. Did I do this wrong?
  14. I'm going to sob into some nog and eat the heads off of a bunch of gingerbread people, and frantically check and refresh her @list profile.