1. Genie
    Dude can sing and dance so you know he's brining the good vibes PLUS he can make anything appear with just the snap of his fingers so no keg is going to kick when he's around.
  2. Stitch
    No inhibitions can be a terrible thing, but he has a good heart so even though he'll probably destroy your place, he'll be super apologetic and make it up to you by cooking you breakfast the next day.
  3. Peter Pan
    He. Can. Fly. It's going to be a fun night. Peter always wants everyone to feel included so you know he'll probably peer-pressure you into doing too many shots, but he'll also hold your hair when you vomit. Then he'll fly you home and tuck you in after.
  4. Uncle Waldo
    It's impossible to be the drunkest at the party when Waldo is around. He will always be the most belligerent and as such you'll look like a perfect angel by comparison even if you're vom-crying as Peter Pan holds your hair.
  5. Any Princess that has a Castle
    Who wouldn't want to party in a castle?!
  6. Any Princess that has Animal Companions
    They're who I'll be spending most of the evening with anyway.
  7. .
  8. Maid Marian
    She's a princess, she has a castle, and she's an animal so she is the ideal party companion. Plus she can dance like Genie, is rebellious like Stitch, she has a hen friend who can sort of fly like Peter Pan, and I'm pretty sure she can throw down the booze almost as well as Uncle Waldo. Fuck a party, I just want to go to T.G.I. Friday's with this gal and bond over a few cosmos.
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  10. Snow White
    As you generally implied above, "the fairest of them all" has to be up there on any list. A leader of men, she is. Power and grace. Yet, I grew up hearing that story of the after-party where things got crazy and she purportedly tackled Pinocchio - sat on his face - shouting, "lie to me, baby!!!" I dunno. She sounds fun.
    Suggested by   @bdot
  11. Edna Mode
    You just know she knows where the best parties are.
    Suggested by   @baileyedge