Sometimes I have months off at a time, sometimes I work 70-ish hours a week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When I'm not working I try to take advantage of free stuff in LA (no income, no problem!)
  1. The California Science Center
    Full of interactive exhibits, this is pretty good as far as science museums go. Parking will cost you, unless you have a friend who works at USC and gives you parking passes for their lots, but the museum itself is free! The special exhibits and iMax also have a cost associated with them.
  2. Griffith Observatory
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    Sticking with the science theme for now, parking is also free here, but may involve a bit of a hike (unless you come on a weekday right when it opens)
  3. Forest Lawn Museum
    You'll have to drive through the cemetery to get to this, but it's a nice little art museum with rotating exhibits, and a permanent collection. Also always free! And plenty of parking (probably partially because you have to troll through a cemetery to get to it)
  4. Hammer Museum
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    This is another instance where the museum is free, but parking not so much (unless you do a volunteer stint which I did so my parking was free too). It's mainly modern art here, but there is a permanent collection that is more on the classical side (the caricature sculptures were my favorite part of that).
  5. Japanese American National Museum
    Free every Thursday 5pm-8pm. I found this museum to be really informative. I knew very little about Japanese immigration to the U.S. And internment during WWII and this was a real eye opener.
  6. The Getty center
    Parking will run you $15, but the museum itself is free. The center itself *may* be more impressive than the artwork. They have rotating exhibits and a permanent collection.
  7. There are other museums too, they can be found here:
  8. Greystone Park and Mansion
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    This place is always free, and the grounds here are beautiful. I like to bring a book and read here and pretend I'm some debutant without a butt-load of student loans and credit card debt.
  9. Los Angeles Arboretum
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    Free every third Tuesday. This is another beautiful spot for reading. They also occasionally have art exhibits throughout the grounds but this is mostly an outdoor space with various different trees and plants. And peacocks. There's also a cottage on the grounds.
  10. The Huntington Library
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    This one is a little trickier. On the first of each month at 9am (on the dot) they release a certain number of tickets for the first Thursday the following month. You can get up to 5 for the morning or afternoon session. I don't think this is technically in LA, but it's one of the most beautiful gardens, and museums in the area.
  11. Pasadena Roving Archers
    Better be a morning person for this: each Saturday morning they offer free archery lessons for first timers. I got here at 6:45am on a Saturday in February, and I was the 4th person in line. Maybe you don't need to be here that early, but if you come after 7:30am odds are you wont be able to get your Robin Hood on.
  12. Comedy Central Stage
    This stage regularly puts on shows, all you have to do is call and reserve a seat. It's free. It's funny. It's perfect for poor comedy enthusiasts. Check out their Facebook page for what's happening there:
  13. Hiking
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    LA has tons of hiking spots. I usually like to go to Griffith, or Topanga Canyon. But this site is generally a good guide that I use: if I feel like trying out someplace different I usually look at the index by area and difficulty and then look at the photos to make a choice.
  14. Brewery Artwalk
    Twice a year the artists open their lofts and there's beer, and food, and interesting artwork to peep. The next one is in October.
  15. Odd Nights
    This is an outdoor market that's held every third Friday from 6pm til 11pm. It has live music, food trucks, and local vendors selling wares. Also some of the Autry galleries are open til 9pm
  16. Art Galleries
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    Gallery Nucleus, Gallery 1988 (East and West), La Luz de Jesus, there are several! I tend to like themed exhibits so these are my go-tos currently, but I'm always interested in checking out others.
  17. Libraries - you just need to live here to be able to check out a book/movie/CD
    So underrated and underutilized by most people. When I'm unemployed with no job in sight I am at the library every damn day. And I get a ton of reading in. It's also a great spot to type out your screenplay and not have to buy a coffee to take up a table/use the wifi. Plus it's quieter than most Starbucks.
  18. Although, probably my favorite thing to do is chill in my apartment
    Any LA resident can do this in his/her own apartment
  19. And use my friend's mom's HBO Go account to rewatch GoT and Boardwalk Empire 💁🏻
    Don't have one yourself: ask a friend!