1. Some magnets
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  2. Postcards from my friend Susan
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    She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She sends me postcards from every vacation she goes on.
  3. A pic of me and my sis
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    From 2006-ish... Nothing has changed. We still hang out in hard hats on steel beams.
  4. Pad O' Paper
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    For writing lists of groceries. Still need those garbage bags.
  5. Coupons I'll maybe use
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    Next to grocery list (still manage to always forget them)
  6. Some more magnets
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    From places I've visited (my aunt started this for me: I imagine I'll start collecting bear tchotchkes soon too SINCE I AM BECOMING HER)
  7. A photo of me and @RachelP
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    From when she was my date to a Yelp Elite event
  8. Birthday cards from August
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    Might be time to chuck them, but they're so perfect I just can't do it
  9. Cat Calendar
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    With photos of my cat because others just aren't as cute. Also I hate iCal and have to write everything down to remember it
  10. A reminder of the single greatest accomplishment of my life
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    I won a pet costume contest by submitting a photo of my cat in a crab hat (see cat calendar photo for reference)
  11. A photo of the one reason everyone should visit Vegas
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    Beefy Australian men. Oh and they strip. It's pretty nice.
  12. This
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    It came with the thing. I didn't pick it, I swear!