1. Some magnets
  2. Postcards from my friend Susan
    She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She sends me postcards from every vacation she goes on.
  3. A pic of me and my sis
    From 2006-ish... Nothing has changed. We still hang out in hard hats on steel beams.
  4. Pad O' Paper
    For writing lists of groceries. Still need those garbage bags.
  5. Coupons I'll maybe use
    Next to grocery list (still manage to always forget them)
  6. Some more magnets
    From places I've visited (my aunt started this for me: I imagine I'll start collecting bear tchotchkes soon too SINCE I AM BECOMING HER)
  7. A photo of me and @RachelP
    From when she was my date to a Yelp Elite event
  8. Birthday cards from August
    Might be time to chuck them, but they're so perfect I just can't do it
  9. Cat Calendar
    With photos of my cat because others just aren't as cute. Also I hate iCal and have to write everything down to remember it
  10. A reminder of the single greatest accomplishment of my life
    I won a pet costume contest by submitting a photo of my cat in a crab hat (see cat calendar photo for reference)
  11. A photo of the one reason everyone should visit Vegas
    Beefy Australian men. Oh and they strip. It's pretty nice.
  12. This
    It came with the thing. I didn't pick it, I swear!