1. Unless it's an emergency
    But then you should probably call
  2. Or you were just hanging and one friend asked the other for an "I got home safe" text
  3. Or you're in college
    Because midnight is sometimes just the beginning of the night when you're young
  4. But if you're well last that college age
  5. And in a platonic relationship
    Also known as friends
  6. You don't text each other after midnight
  7. Not with your random musings
  8. Or with an idea you had that just couldn't wait until morning
  9. Or to joke about something/someone we both know
  10. Or because you got scared on the drive home
  11. Or because you thought I had a bad day
  12. Because when you do those things
  13. It makes it seem like you might want this to be something other than platonic...
  14. Especially when you send this emoji
    Bb732fb1 5912 410e 8abf e4e44b069430