Thank you @ChrisK for setting this up! Such a sweet idea 😊
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    Surprise me!
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    Normally I hate surprises, but this will be fun! πŸ’—
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    Here's some stuff I like if you're looking for jumping off points since we're probably strangers (for now, at least)
    My favorite books are As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, and Last Orders by Graham Swift. I love Gemma Correll and really relate to her comics. I'm an Adam Sandler fan, and had a big soft spot for the Lonely Island in their pre-SNL days (and early SNL days), I'm a sucker for a nice handmade anything (I almost need to ban myself from etsy), and weird artwork (like Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly bear, or a xena warrior princess cat riding a pug - these are pieces I actually own).
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    Seriously, I'll be pumped about whatever you send! Unless you send me a dead bird or something creepy like that. Please don't send me a dead bird, I cannot handle that.