1. I've had this little turd since I was 12
  2. We got her at a farm stand when we were buying corn on our way home from swimming in the lake
    Country as fuck right here
  3. She was the tiniest of the litter, which is probably why we picked her
  4. She was my sister's cat, and she named her Patches
    Post-lake photo of my sister and our corn cat
  5. A few facts about this cat:
  6. She'd fuck up all of our other bigger, older cats so she had to be kept separate from them
    We had 3 other cats
  7. She'd drag home jackrabbits twice her size and wait until we were watching to annihilate them
  8. She was once accidentally locked in a coat closet for nearly a month and survived
    This is truly terrible and I don't know how this happened other than us not noticing because my mom was basically a cat hoarder
  9. She ran away from home (yes, after the closet incident), and was taken in by some monster who declawed her. But she managed to escape and make it back to us after a year.
  10. She hates everyone, but me.
    Seriously. She'll tolerate people to a point, but this cat won't hesitate to bite anyone who pets her for too long or the wrong way. I'm the only person she lets do whatever to her.
  11. This past year the old gal turned 17.
  12. And now her age is starting to show and she isn't doing so well.
  13. And within the last 3 months I've noticed:
  14. Bumps growing on her skin
    The vet said it's not uncommon in older animals, but baby P has a bunch.
  15. She has trouble jumping on the sofa, and bed
    Like she tries to jump and falls to the ground defeated
  16. She doesn't hide from the vacuum, or people
    She used to run from both and now I can vacuum right next to her and she just observes it
  17. She's sleeping more
    And mostly sleeping in the bathroom
  18. She's stopped cleaning herself
    So now she gets little sponge baths a few times a week by me: neither of us enjoys this
  19. She'll crawl onto my lap if I sit on the floor
    She's never been cuddly before, but now she likes to be close to me
  20. So I know she's not doing well
  21. And I'm sad
  22. And just thinking about all of this as she purrs next to me in bed.
  23. And looking at old photos of this majestic little queen
  24. Like this
    "I don't fuck with string"
  25. And this
    "I fucking hate you"
  26. And this
    "Ughhh, human you're the worst"
  27. This
    "I want dinner. Now"
  28. This
    "Okay, stop with the photos! I smiled!"
  29. A rare petting pic
    "Yes, human, scratch that itch now!"
  30. And this
    "Where are you taking me?"
  31. This
    "Put on my show!"
  32. And this one
    "I'll kill it, then you"
  33. And my favorite
    "Just leave me alone!"