This one is for you @hellenharty 👯
  1. You'll need this stuff or stuff like it
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    French press, ground coffee (I like this one from Trader Joe's, but be your own butterfly and do you!), and room temperature filtered water
  2. Pour some coffee grounds into the French press
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  3. Fill it to here-ish
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  4. Then add some water
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  5. Fill it up
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  6. Stir it up
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  7. Keep stirring
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  8. Plop the top on
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  9. Let it sit overnight/for 12 hours.
  10. Press it in the morning!
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  11. Pour that coffee concentrate into a container/jug/something that'll fit in your refrigerator
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    I got this thing at Home Goods, but a washed out milk jug, or 2 liter soda bottle would work too
  12. Let it hang out in there, make friends with your condiments, and get cold!
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    I'm impatient so I usually pull it out before it's cold and compensate by adding extra ice to my beverage
  13. Pour some in a glass
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    The amount depends on how much you want. Also, if you use ground espresso, you can use less concentrate and still get a strong coffee drink.
  14. Add cold water
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    The amount depends on how strong you like your coffee. I usually do a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to water. But I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.
  15. Add milk, sugar, whatever your preference is. And then ice.
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    I've been using sweetened condensed milk lately. It's good: no pressure. USE IT
  16. Sip and enjoy.
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    And save your iced coffee bucks for something fun. Like a cupcake. Or strawberry danish. Or ice cream.