All those things your younger self was so sure you would never do. But now older you knows better and does these things. (Please add yours! I know you have some...)
  1. Use a milk substitute
    Cocky younger me thought soy was a fad for the weak. Guess who pours almond coconut milk on their cereal instead of 2% now?
  2. Own a vibrator
    "I don't need that. I have a boyfriend. It's gross" - idiot younger me. Vibrators are great! I missed out on years of pleasure because I was deluded/ignorant/dumb. I was so dumb.
  3. Meet people in person that I've only ever known/interacted with online
    Stranger danger is very real to me, thanks, Law & Order. I swore I'd never meet up with someone I'd "met" online. The first time I did I was in Amsterdam last year. My dad (afraid of me traveling alone) wanted me to meet his co-worker there. I'd never met the guy before, we'd only exchanged emails, but he & his wife were lovely. Recently I've met up with strangers I've chatted with on online dating sites. It's very weird, and I still worry I'll be murdered. Not sure I'll keep doing this one...