I'm terrible at this stuff
  1. I have mostly guy friends so I usually hang one on one with dudes
    And it's all good because, you know, we're friends
  2. But if I ask a non-friend guy/friend-of-a-friend guy to get sushi, is that a date?
    Because maybe I want it to be? And even if I don't, by asking is he going to think it is?
  3. What makes something a date? Do I need to say, "want to go on a sushi date?" Do I need to specify, "and just to be clear, this isn't a date"
    Is hanging out a date? What is this world?!?!?
  4. Okay, I need to go to sleep now because I'm going with a guy tomorrow to look at kittens because he wants to adopt a cat. And then getting sushi.