LA Stereotypes: I didn't think these people were real, but they must be since I met them last night

  1. I've lived in Los Angeles for 5 years
  2. And in that time period I've mostly kept company with smart, thoughtful, funny, interesting, empathetic, engaging, passionate people
    I've been #blessed
  3. And the occasional idiot
    They're everywhere: you're bound to run into one once in a while
  4. But last night... Last night I met the trash of the town
    A close friend has started dating a guy and he wanted me to meet him so I accompanied him to a bar and met this guy, and his friends. And they were garbage.
  5. The stereotypes of Los Angeles
    The sort of people that everyone assumes inhabit LA
  6. The vapid, shallow, selfish monsters that wear human flesh
  7. The toxic, judgmental, superficial beings that give this town a bad rap
  8. The sort of people that only ask a question so they can talk about themselves
  9. The ones who have nothing interesting to say but just keep talking
  10. And talking
  11. And after an hour has passed you wonder how they can keep going.
  12. And then you realize they're fueled by their deluded sense of being special
  13. And that mob mentality kicks in and they feed each other's sense of importance
  14. They are a plague on this town
  15. One that I would love to destroy
  16. But I'll settle for never having to see them, or interact with their kind ever again
  17. I just hope they haven't infected my friend with their douche disease
  18. Because I'd really hate to have to remedy that
  19. And since most Angelenos are really great, I'd hate to loose one of the good ones to that minority of human garbage
  20. I'm going to pray he hasn't been sucked in to their vortex of superficiality
  21. And drink to another five years of not having to interact with sewer sludge humans
  22. Because Los Angeles really is a great city full of great people
  23. Mostly