1. I was a sophomore in high school
  2. When the first plane hit I was in my free period. We didn't know anything had happened but a teacher rushed in and whispered to the teacher monitoring us. They both looked scared so we knew something wasn't right.
  3. The bell rang and I was on my way to my English class when I saw a senior girl crying hysterically near her locker. She collapsed to the ground and was escorted to the nurse by a teacher. I later found out her father worked in the towers.
  4. In English class my teacher, Mr. Waugh, told us something terrible was happening, and even though it was hard and the school didn't want him to share he felt we should know about it. By that time the second tower had been hit. He turned on the TV.
  5. We sat in silence for those forty-five minutes, watching, crying, a few kids needed to leave to call home: we lived in a commuter city in Connecticut, and many kids had parents working in the city.
  6. I don't remember what the rest of the school day was like. I know we didn't learn anything. I saw a few more kids crying hysterically in the hall. I felt sick, scared, confused. I wanted to go home.
  7. I don't remember if we were dismissed early, I think we were but that part is fuzzy. My parents weren't there when I got to the house, and my younger siblings hadn't gotten home yet either so I was home alone.
  8. I turned on the news and watched. I couldn't not watch.
  9. The phone rang, I assumed it was my parents, but it was my Aunt Margaret (she's not really my aunt, but she's my Dad's friend Ralph's wife)
  10. "Are you all okay?" Her voice was shaking.
    She was calling from Dundee, Scotland and I guess she had no real approximation for how close we were to New York.
  11. I'd never talked to her before that day, "Yeah, we're okay. We're okay. We're not near it." She broke down crying, and said "thank god." That was the first time I'd heard an adult cry like that. And then she said she loved us, was glad we were okay, and hung up.