1. Been seeing a dude I met online.
  2. He's a computer scientist
  3. He has all the things a grown-ass adult should (but the guys I typically date usually lack at least one of these)
    A car, a job (as a computer scientist), his own place, ambition
  4. The first thing he asked me about was what book I'm currently reading
    Not enough people do this! And the answer is "Last Orders" by Graham Swift, and I'm really enjoying it.
  5. He's into art
    (So am I)
  6. He appreciates Adam Sandler movies
    (So do I - even the really bad ones like "Jack and Jill," it's a guilty pleasure and I'm not ashamed of it)
  7. He moved around when he was a kid, and has immigrant parents
    (Me too! This makes it easier to relate to someone somehow)
  8. He likes to travel and does it regularly
    (I LIKE TO TRAVEL TOO - it sounds so obvious. Who doesn't? But my last boyfriend didn't like to travel... That made for very dull vacations)
  9. We've gone on a few dates now, all lasting multiple hours
  10. But...
  11. He
  12. Is
  13. Short
  14. And for some reason this bugs me
  15. I'm 5'4"
  16. His profile said he's 5'7"
  17. BUT...
  18. I think he's closer to my height
  19. Maybe 5'5"
  20. But that should be fine, right?!
  21. I mean, he seems like a freakin' gentleman
  22. And intelligent
  23. And funny
  24. Who cares if he's not 6'?!
  25. RIGHT?!
  26. Besides I'm sure he's thinking something similar about me
  27. After all
  28. I
  29. Kinda
  30. Have
  31. Man Hands
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