In no particular order.
  1. Gonna ghost.
    I'm a big fan of ghosting (being on the receiving end, and being the one doing the ghosting). There is no cleaner break to a relationship than the ghost. I wish jobs could be left this way, and apartments, and restaurants. Basically I want to be a ghost 👻
  2. Monster
    I use this to refer to myself when I'm doing something that I think could be considered shitty (see above), and, more frequently, I use it to refer to truly horrible people, you know, the kind that will take up two parking spaces, or use the last of the creamer but leave the carton in the fridge. MONSTERS
  3. Am I witnessing a baby being conceived?
    I will use this anytime I see people being overly affectionate in public. People making out at bars, heavy petting on the subway, gross amounts of groping at the farmers market. Weddings aren't an exception to this.
  4. Pump the brakes
    Whenever someone is rushing into a relationship/job/house purchase/adopting a pet/a coffee shop. Slow down! What's the rush?
  5. Rein it in
    When someone is/I am too excited/worked up about something.
  6. Fuck
    Used to express frustration and excitement. Meaning is altered based on the tone used.