1. Cat litter from Target
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    Bonus: not having to lug it up two flights of stairs
  2. Hair cutting and thinning shears from Amazon
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    This is for the long term: keeping bangs trimmed, and avoiding hairdressers.
  3. A mustard colored sweater from ModCloth
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    There's no need to go to a store and try things on when online retailers have free shipping and free returns.
  4. Cards from Etsy
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    Why go to CVS and stare at the cards for hours when I can do that from the comfort of my living room in my pajamas without any side-eyers nearby? Thank you, Internet! I love you
  5. Camping gear from Amazon (because it has everything)
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    There's nothing better than preparing for the great outdoors by avoiding Big 5/Sports Authority/REI and shopping for your essentials in the comfort of your PJs
  6. Pizza through Eat24
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    Got this sucker delivered, obviously. Not having to leave my apartment and having food come to me! I nearly proposed to the delivery guy since he fulfilled all of my must-haves in a man.
  7. Books from Amazon
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    I'd rather buy these than go to the library. There are people at the library and they might talk to me despite the "no talking" policy. Fuck the library.