I'm taking tomorrow off from everything to recover. It's going to be a me and my cat day
  1. Friday Afternoon
    My sister and I discussed recipes for her to make for a BBQ she had Saturday. This lasted for a few hours because inevitably other topics were discussed.
  2. Friday Night
    Went to the Odd Nights market at the Autry with my friend Sasha. Drank a few too many margaritas and yelled at the band for playing "vampire music." They were terrible and deserved it. Then I was introduced to her friend Jay and his girlfriend (who I mistook for his daughter - maybe because of the margaritas, maybe because she was dressed like a 12 yr old and he's completely gray so their age difference seemed significant)
  3. Saturday Morning
    Brunch with my friend Kate for her birthday. Also present: my friend, Becca, and 3 of Kate's friends I'd never met before.
  4. Saturday Evening
    Scooped up @RachelPologe and went on a pizza lady date.
  5. Saturday Night
    Went to a party at my co-worker David's house with @RachelPologe and my friend from high school, also named Rachel, and interacted with at least 2 strangers, and our co-worker, Eric.
  6. Sunday morning
    Our friend Evan convinced @hellenharty and I to download, and try snapchat. We bumbled along like two 85 year olds using a computer for the first time trying to figure this shit out for a few hours. I still can't successfully use it. 📱🔫 hope you're fairing better @hellenharty!
  7. Sunday Afternoon
    Went on a date with a fella I met online. That's a first, and maybe a last (even though it went well) because this online dating meeting thing scares me and makes me think I might get murdered/hate the look of the fella and want to run but I can't because he knows what I look like/anxious to the point of nausea. But, good news, I didn't puke. This time.
  8. Sunday Evening
    My good friend Chris's sister, Shari, was in town so we went to sushi. His boyfriend, who shall remain nameless because I hate him, joined. The sushi was good. The nameless boyfriend was not.
  9. Sunday Night
    Got back to Chris's house and his roommate, a basic 26 yr old troll sniffing around for a husband on all the dating sites, was awake and asked me how my venture into online dating was going (I like to start convos with "mahna mahna" because I think it's funny and I'm not a husband-hunting monster of a human). I told her it was going swimmingly, and watched her smirk turn into a mild depression.
  10. That's 22 people. That's the size of an AP English class in a well-funded suburban high school in New England.
    Like the one I went to (basing it on that not cold hard statistics)
  11. I have interacted with more humans in this one weekend than in any other in recent history. Love em all (well, that's a lie, I obviously hate some of them, but love most of them) but I'm tired and need to go into a cocoon of solitude for a day to recover.
  12. Goodbye world, see you when I emerge a refreshed human-tolerating moth. 🐛✌️