1. I was given a company email address the first day
    My previous employer made the @company address so exclusionary: you basically had to have worked there for a while and seem like you weren't going anywhere. I'm contracted at my new company for 6 months and they gave me that email address like its no big deal: BECAUSE IT ISN'T
  2. The work is challenging
    I have never done this job before, but I'm figuring it out and the environment is so supportive and team based and fostering. My previous employer offered me a higher paying gig but it was the same job I've done for them for the last 2 years: no mobility and no challenge? NO THANKS! My new employer put blind faith in me and I want to impress them because of that. My previous employer made me feel like shit. Daily.
  3. My boss is inspirational
    This guy is the Jack Donaghy my Liz Lemon has been looking for! Seeing him work is an inspiration and he's taking on a mentor role. Today I saw him completely take command of a situation and I was in awe of it. The last Turd I worked for was completely incompetent, rude, and generally a douche. I left every damn day pissed off and dreading the next because I knew I'd basically have to babysit him all day and make half of what he did. Plus he was a misogynist. My new boss is a feminist!
  4. Today they gave me this hat
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    Because they wanted me to feel included! I'm also looped in on all the meetings the company hosts. It's an amazing place. At my last job, my assistant (a guy) would be pulled into the meetings (all run by dudes) and I would be intentionally left out (pretty sure because I'm a woman and the Turd-Boss was intimidated by the fact that our anatomy was different).