On the Last Day of Funemployment:

I start a new/old job Monday, but today I was free
  1. I Voted
    Gotta love the mail in ballot
  2. Went to a Mannequin Gallery
    Hunting for the perfect being
  3. Got an iced coffee
  4. Perused the Halloween aisles at Home Depot
    And bought some wood
  5. Made one of the most delicious sandwiches ever and then consumed it
  6. Went to a Yelp Elite tasting with a friend
  7. Had a few drinks with a few friends at my place
  8. Went to a bar
  9. Spotted a UCB performer in the crowd putting some dollars into the undies of a go-go
  10. Walked home while listening to my new favorite song for the 153rd - 161st times
  11. Remembered to remove my contacts
  12. Slumped into bed and lis.ted