I'm not a fan of hugs. But I know I can hug some people without total discomfort, and I bet there are others I could hug too just based on what I know about them.
  1. Amy Poehler
    Never hugged her, but after reading "Yes Please" I'm certain I could hug her and that I *might* even enjoy it. She looks like she gives good hugs. #1 person I could hug: Amy Poehler (even though I've never hugged her before).
  2. My sister
    Love this kid! And she's affectionate so she forces me to hug her anyway. I've accepted it. Plus the whole lived in the same womb thing helps (albeit at different times)
  3. My grandmother
    She's now dead so she probably shouldn't even be on this, but this is my list so dead grandma makes it. If she hadn't always had a weird mothball smell and too-soft-old-person skin I bet I would've loved her hugs. They were just tight enough for her to let you know she cared and they were the perfect duration: 2.5 seconds.
  4. My significant other when I have one
    Don't have one presently, but when I do hugging is part of the deal and I'm okay with those hugs. But only after we've had sex at least three separate times. And we've had at least one sleepover at each other's place. And only after he's showered. Or at least isn't smelly from working out/playing sports/being a human and doing human things like going to Trader Joe's. I hate the smell of Trader Joe's.
  5. My cat
    Not a person, I know that, but her non-hugging hugs are kind of perfect. She just sits there limply, which is usually how I receive hugs. She's teaching me to be a better hugger. Maybe she should be #1... Nah, Poehler for the win!