Remember "When Harry Met Sally?" Remember when Harry told Sally, "Men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way." And she disagrees, and they go back and forth on it. I used to believe Sally. But she does end up sleeping with him by the end of the movie...
  1. You can't be friends with a man you've had sex with. My Ex Live-In Boyfriend proves this.
    We started as friends, and then we moved into a house together with two other friends. A few months later we had sex. It was great! We dated for 6 years, and lived together pretty much the entire time (except for my stint in grad school). Then we broke up, and I moved out. We talked about staying friends: we'd grown apart, and it wasn't an explosive end. Besides, we were friends first. We hung out once. We had sex. You just can't be friends with someone you've had sex with.
  2. If you invite him to things and it's just the two of you he might think it's a date, and he might think "date things" will happen after. Case in point: The Nerd.
    I met him at work. We had a mutual love of laughing and I wanted to start seeing more improv/sketch/standup shows. I invited him to one I was planning on going to solo. It was fun! We exchanged a hug at the end and that was that. The next show involved a double hug... Then next time he went for a smooch. Now I need someone else to go to shows with. Or I'm back to going alone.
  3. You can't be friends with guys who are "your type." The Tall Skinny Guy I Worked with on That One Show.
    We all have a type. I like tall skinny guys preferably with some facial hair. I was working on a show, and of course, a beardy tall guy walks in asking for paperwork and I couldn't even concentrate. In the coming weeks we'd bond over food jokes, and become work friends. He's funny, and we have similar interests, and if he wasn't my type we could probably be real friends. But he is. And I know if given the opportunity, I'd blurt out how handsome I think he is, and ruin a work relationship too.
  4. You can't be friends with a guy you've given advice to about "getting the girl" especially if he's been successful. The Townie.
    I hated him at first, but after a few months I started to like him: he was smart, funny, and had a brooding demeanor. We'd chat for hours sometimes about: life, work, love, anything. If he was a woman we might be best friends. He had a crush on this woman and asked for advice. I gave him some. And I secretly hoped he'd use it on me because of course I had a crush on him. He's currently dating the woman. Every time we chat I want to profess my love because men and women can't be friends!
  5. EXCEPTION: women CAN be friends with gay men!
    Thank God for gay men! Gay men don't want to sleep with women so they make great guy friends! That is, unless you deludedly think "if only he were straight, he'd be the perfect boyfriend" GODDAMMIT STOP THAT! Just cherish this nonsexual male relationship! He's great as a friend! Get a vibrator, lady, and stop fixating on sex all the time!