1. I'd rather wake up early and sit in my car in an empty parking lot for an hour than sit in rush hour traffic.
    Good God, LA traffic will be the death of me.
  2. Dress codes suck.
    Who am I dressing up for? My coworkers? No one else comes here. Jeans and t-shirts are comfortable and help me think better. Heels and a skirt are completely unnecessary for crunching numbers and making spreadsheets. This is archaic and annoying.
  3. Pooping in public is awkward, pooping in a restroom shared with 30 other people that you work with is worse.
    Cannot do it.
  4. It's really nice to feel wanted at your workplace: these people told me they're happy to have me no fewer than 4 times and it was my first day.
    At the last few jobs I've worked I've felt needed, but almost like I was expected to kiss the ground of my employers for so graciously allowing me to work overtime and be in a constant state of stress.
  5. Meetings are boring. Always. Coffee is necessary to get through them. Always.
    So dull. Especially when going over a memo emailed to everyone.
  6. I hate working at a desk job/in a office.
    It's so so so exhausting to sit at a desk all day and the time passes excruciatingly slowly.
  7. Haters gonna hate.
    I over heard two women in their fifties talking about how another woman in the office said she didn't eat carbs, but that bitch was eating some peanut butter pretzels and pretzels are carbs.
  8. Baby needs a back rub.
    My back is killing me. KILLING ME