1. Remember how Chevys were cheaper than Fords?
  2. Remember Delicare and its smear campaign against Woolite?
  3. Remember having to sell junk through newspaper ads in the pre-Craigslist time?
  4. Remember the digital precision of CDs?
  5. Remember back when everyone wore nurse's shoes?
  6. Remember the horror of having to call people from landlines?
  7. Remember when cereal was sexy?
  8. No?
  9. Not at all?
  10. Do you not remember because you were born in (or after, or just a few years before) 1986?
  11. Like me
  12. Did you just become aware of this stuff because of this list?
  13. Or maybe because your parents sent you this book
  14. That's okay! Because remember:
  15. .