1. Remember how Chevys were cheaper than Fords?
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  2. Remember Delicare and its smear campaign against Woolite?
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  3. Remember having to sell junk through newspaper ads in the pre-Craigslist time?
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  4. Remember the digital precision of CDs?
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  5. Remember back when everyone wore nurse's shoes?
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  6. Remember the horror of having to call people from landlines?
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  7. Remember when cereal was sexy?
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  8. No?
  9. Not at all?
  10. Do you not remember because you were born in (or after, or just a few years before) 1986?
  11. Like me
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  12. Did you just become aware of this stuff because of this list?
  13. Or maybe because your parents sent you this book
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  14. That's okay! Because remember:
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