A few months ago I made this list about my little cat who wasn't doing very well (HOW I KNOW MY CAT ISN'T DOING WELL), then about a month ago I had to put her down, and I'm missing my little companion.
  1. For the last 10 years it's been just the two of us
    One of us obviously appreciated that more than the other
  2. Which is good because no one else could've got in the bed
  3. When I moved out of my parents' house my sister threatened that she was going to get rid of Patches
    After having her for 7 years?!
  4. And that just wouldn't do
    Look at that face: can you imagine not wanting that around?!
  5. So after all of two weeks alone in my apartment, Patches came to live with me
  6. She was there when I graduated from college
  7. And grad school
  8. Saw four new boyfriends
  9. And four breakups
  10. Seven different apartments
  11. Two different states
  12. And through it all showed the same indifference
  13. But it was part of her charm
  14. And even if she was indifferent to most things and people
    As cats are
  15. I'm pretty sure she loved me
  16. Or at least tolerated me
  17. And the bullshit I put her through
  18. For my own amusement
  19. And I loved her
  20. And really miss having her take up 2/3 of the bed
  21. And meowing at the door until I give in and take her out
  22. And getting in the way of the tv because she's pretending to watch
  23. And sitting on things I'm working on until I give her attention
  24. And sitting with me when I'm sick or sad
  25. And her crotchety old cat meow
  26. And purr
  27. And how she'd greet me at the door
    Usually because she was hungry or trying to sneak out
  28. And cookie dough paws
  29. And just about everything about her
  30. Except scooping her litter box
    I'm not insane
  31. RIP baby P.
    I hope the ghost sparrows and angel mice are cowering before you as you frolic through fields of the tastiest grass and past lakes of milk.