A list dedicated to all the veteran taxi drivers out there 🚖💗 I love you
  1. The likelihood of a taxi driver being chatty: minimal
    The likelihood of an uber driver being chatty: extremely high. STFU dude, I'm hungover/still drunk and want silence
  2. You're expected to sit in the backseat of a taxi
    It's confusing as all hell in an uber. They almost expect you to sit in the front. I don't like feeling pressured to ride shotgun, and in a taxi you only ride up front if three of your friends are squished in back and you draw the short straw.
  3. Taxi drivers are usually professional drivers
    Uber drivers are just guys/gals with a car and a smart phone
  4. Taxis feel pretty safe (as previously mentioned: you sit in the back, and the drivers are usually professionals). Besides on Law and Order, I've heard very few stories of taxi drivers assaulting passengers.
    Uber: not so much. http://bit.ly/1KSpExT
  5. But, Uber does have the benefit of being less expensive so it's got that going for it
  6. (Full disclosure: I firmly believe taxis > ubers but my broke ass usually calls the latter)
    I pray to Yahweh/Zeus/God/Allah/Shangdi (I'm not religious so I shout out to as many deities as I can remember to cover my bases), and clutch my pepper spray for the entire ride. Every. Single. Time.