Ranked from best to less-good (I'm a big Sandler fan. I genuinely enjoy his films and have seen all of them. Even "Jack and Jill." In a movie theater. And I paid for it. I also paid for my date's ticket. It was over $20. I have no regrets.)
  1. 50 First Dates
    Love a rom-com where the Sand-man sings. Plus it's set in Hawaii. And it has some love conquers all shit going on (which I still like to believe even though I know it's a myth). And the supporting cast: Shawn's dad from Boy Meets World, Samwise Gamgee, plus one of the Blues Brothers is a real treat!
  2. The Wedding Singer
    The original Sand-man - Barrymore love story. More Sandler singing. That song on the airplane: swoon! Plus gotta love the clothes, hair, and all aspects of the 80s theme.
  3. Big Daddy
    Sands takes in a kid and tries to raise him but really just proves that not everyone is cut out to have kids, but even those who aren't can find great partners that'll help them out (I'm terrible with children so I really relate to Sandler in this). Also love seeing Jon Stewart. And a kid swearing.
  4. Anger Management
    Put the Sand-man with Jack Nicholson and there's nothing but magic! Plus his character designs clothing for morbidly obese cats: a-freakin-dorable.
  5. The Cobbler
    Oh Sand-man with some magical shoes leads to some major shenanigans. And Dustin Hoffman is in it, and he's delightful.
  6. Billy Madison
    Big old dum-dum Sandy being a goof but still being a good guy and looking out for the loser kiddies. I watched this when I was in middle school and that's when I started crushing on this actor hard.
  7. The Longest Yard
    There's some real emotion in this one. My god, when Chris Rock gets killed, and Sand-man has to step up and keep the team motivated. Oomf. Plus Burt Reynolds: what's not to like?
  8. Click
    Trying to fast forward through life, but that just fucks it up. Gah - I will treasure every moment! Sandler has shown me the light!
  9. Spanglish
    Very cute tale of a girl being inspired by her mom. Sandler isn't at the center of this one so it's harder to get behind.
  10. Punch-Drunk Love
    Love Sand-man in a suit, but this is a little too serious for me. I like a Silly Sandler, not a Serious/Sad Sands.