1. So I saw this sweatshirt online
    It embodies my general mood, looks pretty comfy, and I like the doodle on it.
  2. Then I looked at the price
  3. $118
  4. I looked again, because, no way a sweatshirt costs over a hundred bucks, right? No way.
  5. Wrong. It does. It definitely does.
  6. So then I figure, hey, I bet the money is going toward a good cause, like providing disadvantaged children with free trips to space camp each year. Right? At least a portion of it must, right?
  7. Let's see....
  8. Hmmmm... Ummmm...
  9. Okay, I'll keep reading
  10. Well, that's something, right?
  11. But you're still charging people $118 for something you got at a Goodwill, steam-cleaned, ripped apart, had re-sewn then screen printed... The amount of waste in the U.S. is appalling, but...
  12. So is charging $118 for a sweatshirt!
  13. The next logical thing is that it's made from space fabric, right?
  14. Nope, or I guess not? They weren't clear with their answer.
  15. Well, it's gotta be imported from space then, right?
  16. Oh nope! They charge delivery fees upon arrival... I'm getting suspicious that this customer service person might not be from here 👽
  17. Well, I bet it's NASA sanctioned then. That must be it!
  18. I haven't heard back from the vendor and it's been two days so I guess they don't really want me to buy that sweatshirt.
  19. Even though I really want to buy it....
  20. I mean, maybe it's worth $50/$60, right?
  21. ... Should I buy it?
  23. After all, sometimes you should