1. Trail runners
  2. Dog walkers
    Two varieties: leashed and "oh sorry, I can put him on"
  3. Dogs
  4. The shirtless for no reason
    Not running, and it's not hot out so what up with that?
  5. The extended family
    At least a 6 pack
  6. Shade seekers
    Also known as pale patrol
  7. Hi-As-You-Go-By-ers
    "Hello" "Morning" "Afternoon"
  8. High-As-You-Go-By-ers
    Puff puff as you pass
  9. Ear budders
    Running and walking varieties
  10. All dolled uppers
    Makeup all did, maybe a push-up bra, flawless ponytail
  11. Phone callers
    Wheeling and dealing while working out
  12. Chit chatters
    Catch up sesh in the woods
  13. Photographers
    Sometimes equipped with a DSLR
  14. Bros
    Jugs of water optional
  15. Camelbacks
    Gotta stay hydrated
  16. Wildlife wary
    Every noise could be a bloodthirsty bear, or mountain lion
  17. Texters
    Living on the edge with questionable service: will it or won't it send?!
  18. Five minute friends
    Keeping pace, and sharing stories
  19. A dumbass woman not paying any attention to her surroundings
    Today it was me while I made this list. Slid into a group of bros, and dropped my phone.