everything else I touch dies (it's not a superpower, I'm just terrible with anything that generally requires care/maintenance)
  1. One parlor palm
  2. Mold: black, green, all variations
    Basically any mold that grows on old takeout, or forgotten fruit. Oh and whatever that black gunk is that forms in the shower: black mold? Or is that mildew...
  3. Mildew: a bunch in my shower
  4. Hair
    Okay, this is technically dead I guess, but I can grow it like a gal with hypertrichosis
  5. Bacteria
    The human body is a glorious bacteria incubating machine!
  6. One cat
    I suppose I didn't really grow her, but she's still alive after 17 years so I AM TAKING CREDIT FOR THAT
  7. Two cacti
  8. Your heart grown by two sizes after making this list
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua