Everyone I know who has turned 30 before me has had some kind of breakdown causing them to do things no one saw coming. I have a year to go, and I already anticipate getting/doing the following unless someone makes me reign it the fuck in, and realize age is just a number.
  1. Covering myself in tattoos
    I have a stockpile of images I want to have permanently etched onto my flesh. An angler fish, a paper airplane, a cat, honeysuckles, a silhouette person holding a red balloon, a quote from a Faulkner book... The only things stopping me are indecisiveness about placement and money. But the mighty thrisis will change that and I will be covered in ink.
  2. Adopting more cats
    I have one cat. I live in a studio apartment. Think I should get more? YES! Obviously! They're so cute! Just a look at the little meowing balls of hate. Plus they need homes! Poor little fluff balls. I LOVE THEM ALL! I CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM!
  3. Traveling until the money runs out
    I've managed to save up some money, and my lease is month-to-month. I have a British passport, and an American one: the world is mine for the taking! I should sell all my possessions, get someone to watch my cat, and become a nomad for a bit. Why not? It's not like I have a significant other, or a job getting in my way. I should go! It'll be a great experience! I should buy a one-way ticket right now! Where is my credit card?
  4. Getting tubal ligation
    Permanent birth control?! Heck yeah! I don't want kids anyway. Maybe I should commit to that. This way I won't have to take birth control pills, or worry about oops babies. This sounds great. I should do this. I should do it now. Should I do it? What if I meet a swell fella and want to carry his offspring in my womb? Is this reversible? (I've been googling this lately because thrisis)
  5. Going to back to school (again)
    I already have an MFA, maybe I should get a PhD. Or a more useful Bachelor's. What would be the most fulfilling career? What do I like? I like cats, maybe I should be a vet. I could be a vet. I like science. I like animals. Ooohhhh or maybe a social worker? Do some good. Help people. I like to draw too... Maybe an animator? My career is just starting so now seems like a good time to switch it up.