1. I was late to work
    With no excuse. I just didn't feel like getting out of bed
  2. I am seriously considering taking a job that I was offered today just for the money
    Which I swore i'd never do and now I'm worried i'm becoming a slimy Hollywood producer type (they're not just greasy guys in movies, I've met some and I despise them)
  3. I broke my only sewing needle while trying to make a gift for my @list secret Santa
    Guess what, you're getting a store bought gift! (It'll still be unique and thoughtful but I just can't)
  4. This morning because my apartment building's front door lock was broken thus trapping me and all the tenants inside (or forcing us to exit through the alley) I impulsively gave my 30 day notice. In writing.
    So now I need a new apt by Jan 3rd and i'm going away at the end of December: pretty dumb move! Oh well, guess I'm committed to this now.
  5. I stepped on my glasses and broke them
    Also hurt my foot because I was barefoot. But, a larger problem here: I can't see!
  6. Today was not my day
  7. But tomorrow will be better
  8. And if it isn't at least I have all of Saturday and Sunday to spend hiding from humanity and recovering in my apartment 💁🏻