1. 'Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the apartment
  2. Not a creature was stirring, except this fat cat
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  3. The sweaters were hung around the apartment with care
  4. In hopes that they'd dry before my flight Saturday
  5. When out in the hallway there was a loud knock
  6. I sprang from the bed to see what the hell was going on
    Yup, napping at noon, don't judge me.
  7. Away to the door I flew like a flash,
  8. And looked through the peephole
  9. Not a damn thing was there
  10. So cracked open the door to see a box
  11. "But what on earth could this be?"
  12. I tore into it, "A gift? For me?"
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  13. I pulled open the box
  14. And what did I see
  15. A mug for coffee, or tea
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  16. Or perhaps even whisky.
  17. But who did send me such a thing?
    There wasn't a note! Or a return address!
  18. Secret Santa is this you at work?
  19. Seriously, Secret Santa: who are you?!
  20. Also this is delightful!
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  21. Thank you!