Going to NYC
  1. MOMA
  2. 30 Rock.. Uh Doy!
  3. Go to Times Square and sing only in New York.
  4. Go to Central Park sit on a bench and feed pigeons.
  5. Take a pic outside Toms restaurant and send it to mum
  6. Katz deli, pastrami sandwich
  7. Brooklyn bridge I guess
  8. See a Banksy in real life
  9. Go to Grand central cuz I hear it's grand.
  10. Meet Humans of New York and get on Instagram page. Still thinking of what I would say..
  11. Have Billy on the street scream at me for a dollar!
  12. Watch Saturday Night Live, Live.
  13. See/meet/have dinner with Alec Baldwin
  14. Eat good food
  15. Get a coffee and have it in one of those blue cups with the cool writing on it
  16. Eat a delish bagel or 2 or 3
  17. Try a Cronut
  18. Ride the subway
  19. Don't take a taxi
  20. Stand outside TRL
  21. Have brunch and get drunk on mimosa's
  22. Eat pizza pizza pizza
  23. Eat a New York pretzel
  24. Look chic and on my game. Maybe wear like a black or brown hat
  25. Get lost