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  1. I believe in limiting my carbon footprint as much as reasonably possible. I recycle everything that can be recycled. I have driven hybrid vehicles since 2008 and am considering a new Volt or a sexy Tesla.
  2. I watch and read everything about Tiny Houses. They are so smart, compact and everything in its place minimalistic. They are portable, "no ties that bind" attractive. Plus at least one of the shows' hosts is hot and handy with his hammer.
  3. Tiny Houses are cute. Some are elegant. They are inviting and draw you into them.
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They are a nugget of mindfulness
  1. Shirley Jackson
    Not only are her stories intriguing, she is, too. Summoning demons? Who does that? And why?
  2. Alice Munro
    The quiet outrage at being human. Plus, she's Canadian.
  3. BJ Knovak
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It's the simple things. No drama.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Standing still
  3. 3.
    Walking at a regular pace