Eco-consciousness virtual reality
  1. I believe in limiting my carbon footprint as much as reasonably possible. I recycle everything that can be recycled. I have driven hybrid vehicles since 2008 and am considering a new Volt or a sexy Tesla.
  2. I watch and read everything about Tiny Houses. They are so smart, compact and everything in its place minimalistic. They are portable, "no ties that bind" attractive. Plus at least one of the shows' hosts is hot and handy with his hammer.
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  3. Tiny Houses are cute. Some are elegant. They are inviting and draw you into them.
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  4. But, where would my husband go to watch endless hours of football, baseball, whatever sport du jour including golf? Or, where would I go to get away from it?
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  5. What if we wanted to throttle each other in the middle of a heated argument and need some place to escape? Has anyone tracked the number of domestic violence incidents related to people who live in Tiny Houses?
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  6. Why not buy an Earthroamer and call it good? Oh...
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  7. Maybe a Tiny House for my shoes?
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