Advice from this afternoon's ironic events at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.
  1. My fellow roadtrippers and I detoured to the city on our way home so I could see my best friend.
  2. My best friend is 24 years old. She is a delegate
  3. We met her coming out of a panel discussion (aired on GMA) with Cokie Roberts
  4. I tackled her with a hug.
  5. She bent my glasses.
  6. She looked stunning. I was wearing gym clothes, having expected to be in the car all day.
  7. She suggested a pastry or ice cream, then stared me down: "It's your birthday tomorrow. Ice cream."
  8. We got ice cream
  9. Famous people began to show up at Mitchell's.
  10. News anchors. Delegates.
  11. Some of them recognize my friend.
  12. They chat about working on the road with the Cruz campaign. FaceTiming his little girls. Trump whips on the convention floor. Normal stuff.
  13. I get introduced. Miss Gym Clothes (and I don't work out).*
    *you will notice I just referenced ice cream
  14. ABC's hottest news anchor walks in.
  15. A very important Senator walks in.
  16. My friend introduced herself.
  17. And us.
  18. The Senator asks for a photo with my friend...
  19. ...and the Gym Clothes Squad.
  20. The hot ABC anchor photobombs.
  21. I say goodbye and leave Cleveland.
  22. That's how you meet famous people: wear gym clothes and hope they think you're into fitness, not comfort and ice cream.