Zabar's is a purveyor of epicurean delights, especially smoked fish and other Jewish food at 80th and Broadway in NYC. I go almost every week. This is in order of encountering them assuming you start at the entrance and work your way north.
  1. Olives and large beans from the olive bar by the entrance.
  2. Fig spread above the olive bar.
  3. Fresh OJ and grapefruit juice.
  4. Whatever cheese is on sale. But I especially love raclette and Camembert. Sometimes they sell a bag of odds and ends for super cheap.
  5. Rafetto's pasta.
  6. Ronnybrook eggnog. (Seasonal.)
  7. Whitefish pate.
  8. Smoked oysters.
  9. Smoked salmon.
  10. Smoked trout. They often give samples.
  11. Chocolate. They often have great sales. I am particularly fond of Perugina.
  12. Chocolate babka. Labeled as Zabar's, but technically made by Green's.
  13. Fresh chocolate rugelah from behind the counter. Also the pecan bars and brownies.
  14. Country round (sliced) or cinnamon bagel from the bread counter.
  15. Mountain Fruit Co.'s Rhubarb & Berry jam. Great with plain yogurt.
  16. Edmond Fallot walnut Dijon mustard.
  17. Whatever fancy olive oil is on sale.