I'm on social media a lot, and I use it for a range of personal and professional. I used to run the Half the Sky Movement and A Path Appears social media, and now I work for Nick @kristof and Charles Blow at @nytimes.
  1. Twitter
    Breaking news and live events. I found out about Bin Laden's death on Twitter when @brianstelter tweeted and added context to the chief of staff for former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's tweet that said: "So I'm told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn." Also, confirming when Facebook goes down.
  2. Facebook
    Reconnecting with old friends. A gymnastics friend who lives in Germany and who I hadn't seen in a decade found me on Facebook, and I've gotten to see her in person a few times since then, including cheering for her boyfriend at the London Olympics as he won a bronze in fencing.
  3. Snapchat
    Sending funny videos and photos to friends and watching curated Stories. When a building exploded in the East Village, they had great crowd sourced original footage from the scene. I have also had fun taking over the @nytimes Snapchat account (thenytimes) to create Stories about the editorial department and a q&a with Charles Blow.
  4. Instagram
    Quick visual catch up of what my friends are up to, beautiful photos of food and nature, and short videos of ballerinas. Where I post most of my food and cartwheel photos (lirielhiga). Also, Neil Patrick Harris (nph) progressively getting drunk on margaritas.
  5. YouTube
    Watching old gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics videos. Listening to songs. Watching John Oliver, since I don't have HBO.
  6. LinkedIn
    You're about to interview someone or you get a pitch from someone. What's their background? Are they legit?
  7. Reddit
    Great, non-fluffy Q&As for their Ask Me Anythings (AMA).
  8. Tumblr
    Funny GIFs and memes.
  9. Periscope
    When you run into a #BlackLivesMatter protest (or any other on the ground live event).
  10. Vine
    Funny stop motion videos.
  11. Pinterest
    When (in theory) I'm feeling crafty.
  12. The List App