1. Vienna. I think this might have been in front of a palace.
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  2. Wicked lotto button. I entered this lotto so many times and never won and was convinced I would never see it. When I started working in Midtown I entered it on a whim one evening and won.
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  3. I love farmer's markets and heirloom tomatoes.
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  4. My friend Sharon is great on Snapchat. I probably take the most screenshots of her snaps. This one says "got it from ma grandpa."
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  5. Another snap by Sharon.
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  6. My friend Maya got married this summer and the after party, where this picture is from, was karaoke in Koreatown. She lives in France but got married in the US and 30+ people came from France and they were still going strong at 3am. I'm wearing the Team Maya shirt I wore to watch her win bronze at the Olympics in fencing.
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  7. My kind of happy hour. Half off ice blended mocha.
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  8. Acme Smoked Fish is an amazing place in Brooklyn that supplies divine smoked fish to Zabar's and Russ and Daughters and is open Friday morning to the public with wholesale prices.
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