30 years of expertise with a curly mane. I'd say I've got Botticelli type curls. Note: I actually only air dry (plus towel dry).
  1. Oh, sorry, you have to live in San Francisco
    This will sound crazy, but there's a salon in SF called Descend that makes a styling cream I love. They will ship it. It makes your hair smell amazing (like strangers have told me my hair smells good) and somehow you can sleep on your hair and have it still look good in the morning with this product.
  2. Deva suite
    I use No Poo and One Conditioner. Yes it's expensive but it's the most consistent products I've found. I leave most of the conditioner in. T
  3. Deva Angell gel
    I put on soaking wet hair and sort of lightly smooth it over.
  4. Microfiber towel
    Scrunch the crap out of your hair to dry it as much as possible.
  5. Air dry
    Let it air dry after you towel dry while you get dressed. When it's as dry as it's going to be before leaving the house, finish it with some styling cream. I use the Deva one or the SF salon one mentioned above. I mostly get the top layer of hair, which tends to be frizzy.
  6. Sephora samples
    I just learned that Sephora gives samples of products in tiny little plastic cases. Ask for a few different styling creams and then throw them in your bag so you can smooth out any frizz later in the day if need be. When you figure out your brand you can fill up the cases again.
  7. Hope for the best
    No system is perfect. Unless you're willing to diffuse for like 30 minutes (which, no), you won't be able to correct for weird things that happen.