1. I can fit everything in a tiny bag!
  2. Ok, two extra pairs of underwear on top of what I need
    in case I pee a little while laughing...twice.
  3. I definitely need a tiny Ziploc for each kind of medicine in my cabinet.
    You might get the stomach flu with a side case of UTI. One never knows what can happen in a cabin in the woods.
  4. Everyone will love you if you bring Scrabble and insist they play. That has to make it in the bag.
  5. Why don't I have enough small empty bottles for my various liquids and potions?
  6. I have to pack for every climate imaginable even if the internet promises 80 degrees the whole time.
  7. My bed is a disaster. Must whittle down this pile.
  8. Fuck it, rolling bag it is.