Why I am looking forward to heaven

  1. Emotional healing
    I long for the opportunity to be healed emotionally and live eternally free from emotional scars, anxiety, stress, and sadness over the past.
  2. Community
    I long to live in a place where I can experience true community. Where people are kind and compassionate, and where spending time with others is joyous and uplifting. (Hard to imagine for an introvert like me.). I look forward to having the time to hear everyone's life story.
  3. Learning
    I am excited about opportunities to keep learning and exploring. I am super excited about the new things I am going to be able to learn about - things I can't imagine now.
  4. Music
    I think heaven will have amazing, joyful music. I want to sing alone and in groups. I want to learn to play lots of musical instruments and maybe even write new music. I anticipate going to the best concerts ever in heaven.
  5. Home
    A sense of permanent security. No more homesickness.
  6. Beauty
    I look forward to exploring boundless beauty. Waterfalls, rivers, flowers. Time to relax and enjoy the beauty. A place without pollution or decay.
  7. Creativity
    Heaven is the home of our Creator, so I expect we will have opportunities to express our own creativity. I want to create art, music, landscapes, and poems. I can't wait to see what new types of creativity will be there.
  8. God's Presence
    This one thing alone will make heaven the place I want to be for eternity. Forever in God's visible (and audible) presence.