Stuff that has been stolen or broken or otherwise just lost over the years. This list is by no means complete.
  1. Books.
    So many awesome books have been lost thanks to my need to have people know me through the stuff I've read. Terence McKenna, Jack Kerouac... mostly (but not always) books I can buy again. I miss my copies, though.
  2. Best ceramic mug.
    Thrifted for 50 cents. Hand-thrown and really beautiful. I cried when it broke. It's just a thing, said a friend, but it came at a time where I craved stability and something I loved breaking set me on edge.
  3. Duralex bowls.
    I had a set of 10 clear glass mixing bowls, thrifted for a dollar. I loved them. One night they jumped off the shelf they were on and crashed to the floor; the smallest 5 survived. Good for small bits, but not much else. I know I can buy a full set for $30. I haven't.
  4. Spelling bee trophy.
    I came in 2nd at the regional spelling bee in 4th grade. A golden bee sat atop the trophy I was awarded. I have no idea what happened to it.
  5. Several issues of The Face and I-D from the early 90s.
    OK, I admit none of these were stolen or lost. Some I gave to my kid for inspiration, others I sold on eBay during a rough period.