A little list that tells you a few things you need to know about Urbana, IL. Thx, #tsusrt on Twitter & Facebook.
  1. From Amy: My colleague just posted a "lost swarm of bees" email to our neighborhood listserv - they're missing from her backyard hive. #TSUSRT
  2. From... me: Neighbor kid eats #okra raw from garden #tsusrt
  3. From the Urbana Park District: Remember tomorrow morning at 9am it's free Yoga in the Park at Meadowbrook.
  4. From Christopher: Backyard chickens are so passé. Front yard/ street chickens are where it's at. #tsusrt
  5. From Brian: Just saw someone doing yoga on the sidewalk. ‪#‎tsusrt‬
  6. From Lindsey: so i rode my bike to work this morning in birkenstocks, wearing a necklace made out of an antler, and stopped at flying machine for coffee i sweeted with agave nectar. thought of you the whole time because my life = ‪#‎tsusrt‬.
  7. Christopher again: Question: Is a middle-aged couple rocking out to AC/DC in a Miata with the top down in the parking lot of the Co-Op worthy of ‪#‎tsusrt‬?
  8. From Isaac: There is no pane on the bottom of our kitchen gate so squirrels come in and eat our food ‪#‎tsusrt‬
  9. #vulturbana
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