Reasons Why You Should Date Me

A parody (but if this really works then wOW)
  1. I'm not horrible looking
    Sure, I'm not a 10, but I don't think I'm like a 2 either. I'd say I'm middle of the road, average. Sometimes I feel cute but other times I am a giant sack of potatoes. In the end, looks aren't super important anyways.
  2. I have a good personality
    I'd like to think I'm pretty nice and can be funny. I'm sorta quiet at first but really outgoing once you get to know me. But remember, I said GOOD personality not GREAT. I can be pretty shitty at times, but not super often.
  3. I'm the sort of person your mom would love
    I don't do drugs, I'm honor at school, I have a job. Trust me, your mom would adore me.
  4. I love to love
    I give really good cuddles and I like kisses and stuff.
  5. My memes are top of the line
    I will send you all the memes. Yes, all of them.