Ft. pictures of my very own fluff ball
  1. Always happy to see you no matter what
    Every bad day suddenly doesn't seem so bad when you get home and your dog nearly wets themselves with excitement
  2. Wag their tails if you just LOOK at them
    You will always feel like a celebrity when they are around because they look at you like there is nothing better in the whole world
  3. Get satisfied from a mere belly rub
    All you need to do is rub your hands on their bellies for 3 seconds and they collapse into a pile of happy sunshine mush
  4. Do the weirdest things but can somehow look adorable doing it
    They can literally hump your arm or roll their bodies on the ground as if they are possessed but the only thing you can think to say is "aww"
  5. Will love 11/10 people they meet
    Introducing dogs to new people is like Santa giving an early Christmas present to them
  6. Only thing they hate is squirrels and that is solely because the squirrel is out of their reach
    They really don't hate the squirrel they just want to be friends with it
  7. Best. Cuddle buddies. Ever.
    Self explanatory